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Howdy! Thanks for visiting my blog.
I’m Tanz Khan, Financial Advisor, Financial Coach and a Wealth Strategist.

Like many, I’m sure you also want to achieve financial independence and lead a well-balanced, smooth life. However, ever since I started providing financial advice to individuals and families, one key point was always missing among those. Any idea what it could be? It’s financial knowledge and awareness.
Surprise, right? In today’s world of free information and technology, how can knowledge be a problem?
Well, if you’re tech-savvy, you can access countless information leaving you puzzled. If not then, you’re missing out even more. The challenge is which part of the information is relevant and how to shape your finances.
Having said so, I always wonder how I can serve more to the community in a broader range. Not only helping in attaining their financial goals. But also to educate and coach finance on a mass level. Help to make informed decisions. Hence, I created this blog.

My aim here is to help individuals and families to improve their financial knowledge base and awareness. I help through financial coaching and professional advice wherever needed to mitigate risks and achieve the financial goals.

Tanzkhan blog is dedicated to all Australians regardless of their age or life stage. No one can deny the importance of finances in every step of life. So is knowledge! Stronghold on the up-to-date financial news, rules and regulations can assist more in achieving your life goals.

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